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Community work
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Inspiring the next generation

We have recently worked with our local infant school to encourage creativity, team work and a knowledge of the design and construction process. The children heard about what it means to be an architect, different building types, using materials and the way architects use drawings and models to communicate their ideas and designs.


The children then came up with their own amazing designs! See below...

Victoria kids designs.jpg
Nic Few inspiring girls.jpg

Inspiring girls

As a result of recent research which indicates that girls and boys as young as 7 years of age are making choices about what they believe are gender appropriate careers Nicola has been working with the Inspiring Girls organisation in Hemel Hempstead.


Their aim is to demonstrate to girls of secondary school age that gender should not be a factor when choosing a career, that they are capable of greatness and that their gender shouldn't hold them back from anything.



D-lab - Design Laboratory

We currently work from studio space within D-lab (Design Laboratory) in Berkhamsted.

D-Lab  is a local creative community of architects, designers, artists, and freelancers all working together to promote innovation and interaction.

The D-lab mission is to support the creative agenda by providing co-working studio space, community digital workshops, education, mentoring and support programmes to enable local businesses and individuals, young and old to reach their full creative potential.

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