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Education and Workplace

Education projects

Nicola has worked on numerous education projects over her career from feasibility studies as part of wider urban regeneration initiatives to the delivery of multi million pound education campuses. As part of this process she carried out extensive study into the development of flexible learning environments, and the influence of IT on teaching and learning.

Walsall College exterior architecture la
Witney College exterior architecture 1.j
North herts college stevenage hertfordsh
Walsall College interior architecture 4.
North Herts college hitchin hertfordshir
Brockenhurst college masterplan design.j
North Herts college hitchin hertfordshir
St Georges hospital landsvcape design 2.
St Georges hospital landsvcape design 1.

Education and workplace projects

Education projects*:

Brockenhurst College £57million

Abingdon and Witney College  £17.5 million 

St George’s, University of London £20 million 

Walsall College £40 million

North Hertfordshire College  £16 million


Workplace projects*:

MBNA, Lakeside, Chester and MBNA Spanish Headquarters, Madrid

Media Centre, London

Milton Court Theatre and Office Development

Riekerpolder, Office Development, Amsterdam

Merrill Lynch Headquarter, St Pauls, London

*Education and workplace projects carried out when working for Groupdyer and Swanke Hayden Connell Architects.

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